We always felt having concrete plans on destinations so far in advance of actually leaving was a little pointless, that said of course we all have ideas.

One thing we both agree on is whilst we want to head west to the Caribbean, it would be a shame not to take a look around the west Mediterranean. So when we leave in the spring/summer of 2018 we’re going to do just that which will mean the Atlantic crossing will be in November 2019. Having been an armchair viewer for many years of “The Arc” we feel we will go with Arc + 2019.

World cruising have organised this for over 30 years and it is hugely successful for all concerned. If you’ve not heard of it click here.

Update… 22/10/2015 my brother Steve officially asked to be a member of the Atlantic crew…. “be careful what you wish for Steve” !

July 2017 update !

Change of plans… After much discussion we have decided the Mediterrranean can wait but timing is everything & waits for no-one. With that in mind we have decided to cross the Atlantic next year on ARC+ 2018 and Charlotte will cross with us! If we can get to Gibraltar early enough we will “dip our sails” in the Med for a few weeks before heading off to Madeira and Gran Canaria for October. New countdown begins!