2021 !

I say this a little tongue in cheek but “Happy new year”. Looking back 12 months and we were in Antigua hot, tanned and in warm waters with the news starting to talk about some kind of virus which the World Health Organisation were concerned about. What a 12 months it’s been since then, but so far we are the lucky ones, we’re back in the UK and haven’t been infected… so far.

We started this blog so we might share with others what we have done, good and bad, right and wrong. That said when there’s nothing to share there’s little point padding a blog with irrelevant material. All of us will have been effected in some way by global events & restrictions wondering when it will end. With a vaccine now on roll out there is light at the end of the tunnel which is great news.

For us, it’s a quiet few months hibernating onboard tinkering. Kemp sails got the job of making our new mainsail which was fitted 2 days before Christmas. We chose a Vectran fully battened version which when raised looked stunning. Unfortunately the new Stackpack has a number of issues meaning it needs to be remade, I trust Kemps and know they’ll sort this out as soon as they can, it is a shame though as other than buying Silhouette it’s the largest purchase we’ve made.

Posts will continue to remain sporadic for now, nobody wants to know what we had for dinner or what’s on tv !!!

Stay safe

One thought on “2021 !”

  1. Thanks for your post Ian ! And let’s see what 2021 will bring us – HOPE good news for everyone – take care – wait for real hugs and kisses ❤️❤️❤️


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