3 years ago we bought a twin tub washing machine for £100 and it lives in the shower stall in the forward heads (toilet). It’s been really good and has saved us a fortune in onshore launderette fees on our journeys to date. There’s still nothing wrong with it but social media is to blame for our latest acquisition! Friends Peter & Simone from La Boheme posted a photo on Facebook of a “wall mounted” automatic washing machine and Caroline said “I want one”!!! She doesn’t ask for much so off to google it was to find one. Most come from South Korea but “Caroline” found one in Holland. I was a little sceptical about delivery but we were amazed to have it in our hands 3 days later!!!

Originally we were going to site it in the forward heads by the medicine cabinet but there were no solid fixing points so plan B was to fit it inside the starboard aft cabin hanging locker. Other than losing the locker for clothes I actually think it’s better there as the doors still close to hide it!

It looks like Daiwoo are the only company making a wall mounted washing machine and although not built for the marine market, it certainly is a unique space saving design at only 30cm deep!

Installation was straightforward by making a very solid false wall for the machine to be bolted to, water supply was taken off the cold feed to the galley tap and the waste ran out the side with its own seacock.

The “boss” is now very happy so all is well on board !!!


One thought on “Laundry!”

  1. Again my whole genius assistance in the installation concept is completely missed out and you take all the credit again! I’m going to start charging you for concept design. 😉

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