leg 2 day 7

Nicks writes

Now into our 7th day at sea on the second leg. The winds have moderated from what they were and we are now trucking along at 6 to 7 knts dead down wind with the barn doors open (main out one side and the Genoa poled out on the other). The sun is out and the wind is warm for the most part although at night the wind gets a bit cool as dew is formed.

There always seems something to be doing and so to date have not got bored although with another 9 ish days to go there is still plenty of opportunity for that to set in. Thankfully no further fish have been caught but they keep trying so I guess my luck won’t hold out forever.

Although we know some boats are operating dry for the whole trip, we elected to have a sundowner each evening which has proved very popular. At this time of day the sun is on the foredeck and so when weather permits we all sit up there and enjoy the last of the days sunshine. It is now dark by about 1800 and so drinks occur early. To accommodate the time difference between Cape Verde and St Lucia which is about 4 hours we are turning our clocks back 15 mins each day which works well for the setting of the sun but, as all of the radio call in schedules are based on Unitary Time (GMT to older people) it is beginning to throw up some odd times when the skipper is making the calls.

Skipper writes

Some of the calls I make are not met with approval. When we get in I have a lot of sucking up to do 😦

As I write this we have just over 1100 miles to do according to the chart plotter so tomorrow evening will mean we are over half way. The crew have already started guessing arrival dates. If we can maintain the average speed we’ve been doing for the last few days it’ll be next Wednesday but we’ll have a much clearer idea in 3 days time.

Caroline writes
“still can’t be arsed” !!!

Carol will write a book….eventually
Ha Ha.
We are all looking forward the half way point of our Ocean sailing and have planned an extra special meal of dates wrapped in serreno ham and steak with all the trimmings accompanied with, a bottle of bubbly already chilling in the fridge. Charlotte is planning a play list for the day,
Initially many of us had considered a swim mid Atlantic, but the seas are still lumpy and Caroline saw a shark alongside the boat 2 days ago. Perhaps dipping our toes in, but only after the skipper has tested the waters first.

Charlotte writes
“I’m still here and writing on the sailing silhouette facebook and I’m not doing it twice” !

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