Dolphins !

With our anchor replaced, it was time to leave Port la Foret which in the end was an 8 day stop over. The french appear to have their own timetable when it comes to delivery, had we known how unreliable it was we would’ve ordered directly from the UK with a 3 day guaranteed slot. I guess we’re going to have to get used to a more laid back approach from everyone…. difficult after so many years of next day delivery! The marina is home to some serious racing yachts, this one was lifted up for a quick look at the keel then floated again, the money that must’ve cost! Fees during May are at 50% off so each night cost 25 euros which was excellent especially as the shower facilities would put many in the UK to shame, and the onsite bars and shops were great.

As we left the heavens opened and visibility was reduced to only about 1/2 mile but cleared up until we approached Kernevel marina in Lorient. Not too much to say about the place to be honest as it’s all rather industrial with old German submarine pens dictating the skyline. Our main reason for stopping was because there was an e’Leclerc supermarket about a 20 minute walk and we needed to stock up on bits…. so much so that we had to taxi back!

We stayed 2 nights and then set off to Crouesty. About an hour out a big RiB came tearing out to us with a blue light flashing ordering us to channel 9 on the vhf radio. South of La Rochelle the French have a huge missile firing range, unbeknown to us there was another just south of Lorient and we were heading straight into it!!! The forced course change was meant to be as 2 hours later we were treated to our first ever pod of about 15-20 dolphins who came to play. The are a lot of videos and photos on the facebook section at and are well worth a look. Such magnificent creatures and so intelligent, we can’t wait to see more in clear waters.

Crouesty is a huge marina and we were lucky to get a space rafted off a motor yacht at the top of the marina. Also the Beneteau Barracuda fishing boats had a huge meet taking over the whole visitors section which is why there was no space. Here we encountered our first dinghy dock and I can confirm it is 16 paces to an intermarche supermarket. So close and handy that we decided to stock up on heavy items like beer and wine!!! Picture the scene as we arrived at the checkout with 200 euros of important goods and have both our payment cards declined! Extremely embarrassing and later we found out Visa across europe had crashed.  Charlotte to the rescue with her HSBC card ….. phew!

We’re now anchored in the Morbihan which is stunning. We plan staying here now for a few days and will meet up with Steve & Helen from Allegrini on Thursday, no doubt for a nice cup of tea !?!

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