We all remember our 1st time !

No not that “1st” time, the other 1st time !!!

We were introduced to sailing, as I’ve said before by my uncle Colin & his wife Penny aboard their yacht “Baneile” a Shipman 28. We eventually bought Baneile from them when they upgraded so she was our 1st …… you get the idea!

So here we are in the marina in Port-la-Foret and there’s a Shipman 28 opposite us. We haven’t seen one since we sold Baneile way back in the early 90’s bringing back many great memories. As luck would have it the owner was onboard so I popped over for a chat. It was easy to see the years had not been kind to this yacht and she needed a complete refit from stem to stern. The owner was sat in the cockpit with a huge baguette in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other. I asked him how long he’d owned her and in his best English he said ” 6 year, I ‘ave lot woerk to doo, but looke ze sun iz ‘ere so I sit wiz my lunch”.

I think his project will never be complete……Gotta love the French!

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