Mind the gap!

So the inevitable happened this week with one of us misjudging the gap between the pontoon and the stern. There’s aluminium and decking on the pontoons which are slippery when wet or icy, however the usual step off became the splits with 1 leg (& perhaps a cheek) completely entering the water. A full immersion into a rather chilly 5 degrees of water was averted by our good friend Nick heroically grabbing the casualty without a thought for his own safety 🙂

A bruised ego and very bruised leg from sliding down the pontoon into the water was bad enough, but “these were my favourite Timberlands” finished the day !!!

So, we’re almost at the end of January meaning we have 2 months left at work until retirement…. still sounds weird seeing as we’re in our early 50’s except Charlotte of course who constantly reminds us she’s nearly 20 ! We have decided to fit a watermaker and are waiting on a price and timescale, so one more large job to do. Caroline & Charlotte went into Globaltelesat in Poole and managed to buy an ex-hire Iridium 9555 sat phone so together with the Icom SSB we now have full comms in place.

Courses have been booked for sea survival, first aid & diesel engine maintenance so plenty to look forward too, and Silhouette will be lifted out for 4 days on the 16th April for antifouling etc.

Our leaving party is on the 27th April and all being well we leave Poole a couple of days later.

Also Charlotte has been asked by Rockley watersports where she received all her qualifications, to keep them updated on her adventures…. check it out on the link below!



We want our ARC flag please !!!


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