The lower rudder bearing needed replacing which was one job we weren’t looking forward to as we didn’t really know what we were letting ourselves into. First of all the steering cables, autopilot ram and quadrant had to be removed before pulling the retaining pin. As the rudder was lowered the bronze/copper sleeve came down with it, this was supposed to be glued into place which would explain why there was movement. I’d researched the best adhesive sealant to use and had also emailed Rob & Rhian on Beyzano. In the end we bought 3M 5200 which once set is like solid rubber and very supportive, “just make sure it goes in first time” as trying to get the sleeve out later would be a huge task. A new sleeve was ordered from Ancasta Parts in the Hamble and their service was 1st class, delivery within 48 hours door to door from France. We found a download from a forum which gave instructions & diagrams which we followed and was very helpful. We probably used too much glue on the sleeve but felt it would also fill any gaps created by the loose old sleeve in the housing which worked really well. If anyone with the same boat and issue reads this don’t worry, if I can do it anyone can!

The rubber cutless bearing came free quite easily which was a relief, luckily it slid straight off the shaft via the removed prop but putting the maxprop back on was quite the opposite. The 3 blades are numbered to make sure they go back in the right way to match the numbers on the hub….. so why did I struggle to put it back together, grease it then realise I’d put blades 1 & 3 in the wrong place DOH !!!

If you look at the picture, you will just make out the blade with a “1” not next to the “1” on the hub. I’m still trying to think of a believable explanation for not checking everything was correct, but nobody would believe me !

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