Sun’s out

bimini Today was quite possibly the best day weather wise the 1st November has given for years. What started as damp and foggy soon turned into pure sunshine and really warm. I decided this meant it was the ideal opportunity to see how the cockpit bimini looked with the side panels. The whole cockpit gets shaded and works brilliantly but I think there needs to be some kind of see through area so the mainsail can be seen when sailing. The side panels look odd but I guess they do their job of keeping the hot sun out whilst allowing the cooling breeze in as the early and late sun is low in the sky.

I make no apology for copying the next few words as first seen in the greatest blog ever but …” we have our very own stupid locker”!!! The bathing platform has a locker built into it which has a hole through the hull and allows sea water in as soon as weight is introduced in that area. It is self draining but I just can’t see what use it is…. perhaps somewhere to put diving equipment or a place for more beer 🙂

Oh and following on from the last entry….. I got to push more buttons too, what a great day !

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