About us

We are Ian & Caroline Moors aka skipper and 1st mate. Which one is which is best described as whoever is right on the day !!!

Married in 1988 means we’ve been together….. forever.

Our crew manifest is completed with our daughter Charlotte, currently on a BTEC watersports course at Rockley academy in Poole, she’s going to end up with more qualifications than me ! Her chosen career path which is working as a sailing instructor around the world, means she will be able to visit and crew at her leisure.

We began boating way back in 1987 with an 18 foot motor boat bombing around Poole Harbour, and watching the sailing boats in awe. In 1989 my uncle Colin and his wife Penny invited us for a weekend sail to the Isle of Wight on their yacht “Baneile” a Shipman 28. We had an absolute blast and when left on board alone dreamt of owning a boat like her. A year later Colin announced they were selling Baneile to buy a larger boat to fulfill their dream of sailing off and we didn’t hesitate. Baneile was bought and all we had to do was learn how to sail…. how difficult could it be?

With no furling, the genoas were all hanked on, picture the scene of 2 novices motoring out into Poole bay with lots of space and hoisting the genoa upside down and not attached at the foot….

We learnt fast and soon travelled to France, Channel Islands and the West country. Over the years we continued to sail with breaks inbetween (but that’s another story) and owned a Cobra 850 and Beneteau First 345 which we lived on for nearly 5 years, then taking time off to concentrate on our beautiful daughter Charlotte & her education.

Both Caroline and I will always be grateful to Colin & Penny for introducing us to sailing. “May you both continue to have fair winds and calm seas”.

We always knew we wanted to head off and the only way to make it a reality was to actually have a plan to work towards. Many sailors say they’d like to go blue water sailing but sadly for most it always remains a dream.

We’re not there yet but 2018 is within sight!

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi I have just spotted Silhouette on the internet, this is Steve & Sally who sold Silhouette to you we have spent some years on dry land after selling silhouette and now have bought another boat, am i correct in assuming this is you, it would be nice to catch up with you.


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