The jobs begin

Our time in the marina was extended to 6 weeks unfortunately due to a delay with services. Our D8 eberspacher heating system had to be replaced, wow we never thought we’d need to think about using boat heating again when we left the U.K. This had to be ordered in and it seems the popular excuse for any delay in getting anything is Covid-19 🤷🏻‍♂️ That said, a new airtronic d5 unit was fitted with an updated 7 day timer which is very good and very quiet too. New foam and upholstery was due to be finished before we left the marina but yes you’ve guessed it, there’s a delay in manufacture of the material in Italy. We’ve been informed the job should be completed shortly… we’ll see.

It is great to be out of the marina and the weathers been pretty good too!

The teak decks and cockpit were in need of cleaning and resealing again which kept being put off as it’s a big job. I finally got fed up saying it needs doing so got on with it, a bit back braking but well worth the effort.

Back in January we bought a Balmar alternator and smart regulator which I took back to Antigua with the intention of fitting it before leaving for the trans Atlantic. This obviously never happened and it’s been in a box now for 6 months. This was sold as a direct replacement for the old alternator which just couldn’t cope with the demand for power from the lithium batteries, so what could possibly go wrong 🤔 well for starters there’s a lot more cables and 2 of them had to link to the instrument panel for the tachometer and charge light to work. Yeah right… so with the help of fellow cruiser Jeremy from Right Turn AND the required technical calls to Steve on Allegrini, we got the job done.Switching the engine on and at 1400rpm the display showed 71 amps which is great. Our old alternator would’ve showed about 25 amps, and within 40 minutes gone into overheat mode switching itself off !!!

That’s it for the simple jobs… now things will get expensive !


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